Wedding 小女子要結婚啦!暫停服務兩個禮拜

大家好。多謝支持小女子的英國代購服務 (對!好多客話我講野好似男仔,其實我系一名小女子)

我10月25日會到日本度蜜月,到時候可以幫忙親自代購產品 (秋葉原呀啊啊啊)

Thank you everyone that come and use my Custom purchase service.
I'll be becoming Mrs Lee from the 12th October 2010, and will be on holiday until the 26th October.

I'll also be in Japan for my honeymoon, and available for special Custom purchase from Japan (anyone for Akihabara?)
From the 26th October to 8th November, Mr Leung will be helping out with Custom purchase. Everyone will be the same, even the price.

Thank you for your support.